connectivity questionnaire

Arctic 6G is organising a questionnaire on connectivity issues and needs as well as the needs and usability of applications from the end-user perspective. The questionnaire can be found in English and Finnish at the following link (and QR code).

Demo north SUMMIT

14-16 May 2024, Luleå

The project will participate in a co-organised stand during the Demo North Summit, a platform that brings together actors working on developing innovations for large-scale solutions and helping to improve opportunities for environmental challenges.

Arctic 6G project meeting in Rovaniemi

On 19 and 20 March 2024, the Arctic 6G project met at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi for a productive series of discussions and activities. Participants were welcomed with a campus tour showcasing various labs and facilities. The meeting agenda covered a range of topics including discussions on societal needs and innovations, demonstrations and measurements, internet availability and key wireless technologies such as IoT device localisation and cybersecurity.

Exploring connectivity challenges

An Arctic 6G project team, consisting of researchers from the University of Oulu and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, visited Ivalo and the Inari region from 11to 15 December 2023 and interviewed locals about the challenges and wishes in the area of connectivity. A variety of issues were raised, including the varying quality of the internet connection and interruptions to phone calls, particularly along the roads. These affect remote training and the efficiency of work processes, for example. In addition, the Starlink system was tested at the Inari end of Sevettijärvi road. Downlink/uplink rates of 147/19 Mbps and 179/31 Mbps were recorded at two locations.

Arctic congress bodø

The project will participate in the Arctic Congress in Bodø, which will take place from 29 May to 3 June 2024. The event is organised by Nordland Research Institute and Nord University. Bringing together three conferences in Bodø – European Capital of Culture 2024 - will be an exceptional showcase of Arctic cooperation. The Arctic 6G project session number is 4.0.12, and the title is "People of the North: Connecting the Unconnected in the Arctic”. We invite relevant stakeholders to the call for abstracts for the session and ask you to submit a valuable contribution by the deadline of 5 January, 2024. Further details can be found in the document attached below.

Speed up Digitalization with 5G

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 12:30 pm, Teams
Don't miss this event where we will dive into the world of 5G and its role in digitalization.
Our programme includes:
- 5G demo: smart factory automation via 5G
- 5G academic research towards 6G
- 5G demo: ABB cobot control over 5G with the HoloLens
...and much more
On the picture you can see the measuring point near Puolanka as well as a measuring point along the Raate road and a typical forest measuring point.

Starlink feasibility TEST in rural Finland

A 6G Flagship team and the Arctic 6G project conducted Starlink feasibility measurements between Oulu and Finland's eastern border in Suomussalmi. The goal was to see if Starlink could be deployed in a typical Finnish country house/remote cabin; this was the case. The selected locations ranged from open areas to forested areas, although the trees were rather small and the forest was not very dense. Starlink delivered downlink data rates of over 100 Mbps, about 65 Mbps in more forested areas, and uplink data rates of 15 to 40 Mbps. Connection initialization time varied from under 10 minutes to 15 minutes; it should be noted that Starlink satellite density over Finland is very low. Near the Russian border, the connection failed because the Russian territory is not served by Starlink and these beams also cover parts of Finland.

Arctic 6G Luleå Workshop

Our Interreg Aurora project Arctic 6G is meeting for its third workshop, this time in Luleå. It was nice to meet all colleagues from the University of Oulu, Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Luleå University of Technology to discuss progress so far and plan our future activities. It is also nice to see that our public webinar “Exploring Future 5G/6G Opportunities” is attracting a lot of interest from different stakeholders.


28 Sep. 2023, 10:00 - 16:30, Luleå
Luleå University of Technology, Telia and Luleå Science Park are hosting a partnership event. Welcome to a day of insight and discovery as we explore the potential of the digital infrastructure and industry of the future.
This event is in Swedish.


11 September, 2023, 13.00 - 14.30 (CET)

Welcome to our webinar dedicated to the latest technological advances and innovations in the field of telecommunications. Join us as renowned experts and researchers share their insights on topics such as machine connectivity in remote areas, 5G vehicle winter testing for smart traffic and road weather services, access to remote areas using windmill towers, sensor capabilities in 6G and the ongoing Hexa-X- II project to explore the future of 6G.

Meeting IN OULU

The project held a productive meeting in Oulu, Finland, on April 4-5, 2023. The team addressed a variety of critical issues, including key rural wireless technologies, societal needs and innovation, Internet availability, and the need for Sapmi connectivity. The team also addressed important topics such as demonstrations and measurements, IoT device location, tracking and authentication, low-power local 6G access solutions, and cybersecurity in 6G networks. 


This year's edition of the 5G/6G Technical webinar brings recent technical development and contributions in the Bothnian Bay region. Welcome!

When: February 9, 2023, 9-11 (CET)

PROJECT meeting in tornio

 January 17-18, 2023

Our Interreg Aurora Arctic 6G project is now lifting. 
The partners University of Oulu, Lapland University of Applied Sciences, and Luleå University of Technology met in Tornio, Finland for planning our activities going forward.

Next generation mobile network will revive the countryside

The new project, Arctic 6G, coordinated by Luleå University of Technology, will develop new technology to secure the future of connection in northern Sweden and Finland.

Equality culture as a competitive advantage

During this half day you will be inspired by one of our best hockey players of all time, the innovator of the year and one of Sweden's most equal workplaces. Hear how to challenge gender roles in the beer industry, "inside leadership", effective self-leadership and unconsciously exclusionary expression. 


Thank you to everyone who participated during the Arctic Challenge Hackathon! Over three days, students, researchers and developers solved business problems in IoT, Edge computing, 5G and information security.